United Feather & Down has worked hard to build a trusted network of suppliers – a testament to our companies vast knowledge, integrity and more than 200 years of experience.

United Feather & Down promises a worry-free experience and complete peace of mind that only a company with its unique history can offer.

Trusted Relationships

We believe our business is all about the people, from the partners we’ve worked with for generations down to the people in our own company, who we work with every day. We understand the importance of maintaining long-standing partnerships and strive to deliver the finest materials at every level.

Staying true to our core values: Integrity, Quality Service and Consistency

Partnering with United Feather & Down means receiving:

  • Premium quality raw materials
  • Inspected and tested goods for consistent quality by our team of knowledgeable QC Specialists
  • Efficient and direct delivery from the source

Innovative Leaders in Processing

Over the years we’ve pioneered development of hypoallergenic down processing techniques, Lyocell Down, Antimicrobial, Leading Technology in DWR Down, Antibacterial Treatments and Sustainability in Processing Techniques.

Quality At Every Level

Duck or Goose – no matter the fill power – is held to high standards of processing: to produce clean, odor free and dust free down that maximizes it’s natural elements. The quality and sustainable difference of the product resides in staying as close to what nature made as possible.