Fewer hands, better quality, lower cost.

To remain efficient, our processing is done at the raw material source – this is only made possible through the innovation and technology developed by both us and our partners.

⁃ Raw materials are the foundation of getting the correct processed down quality at the correct value – that’s why having our experienced specialists on site is essential to acquiring purest quality goods
⁃ Working in such close proximity has allowed our team of QC Specialists to
be closer to the product to ensure consistency and the highest quality with inspections at every stage of the process
⁃ This development has enabled us to now ship directly to the customer –
cutting down on freight cost and valuable time.

The most advanced factories, always under our watchful eye.

Over the course of many years, United Feather & Down carefully vetted and selected partner factories in China, Japan, USA, and Europe. Our criteria was to ensure reputable and reliable relationships with our vendors.

It was essential that each facility have the most sophisticated technology for increased efficiency, reliable timelines that we and you can depend on, and trusted relationships on which everything relies.

But we didn’t just move our factories, we moved with them. In all of our factories we have experienced Quality Control Specialists to ensure the quality and consistency on site, everyday. They are the key pillar in delivering the UF&D hallmark of dependability and excellence throughout every step of the process.

Straight from the source

We work with many of the same supply chain partners around the globe that we’ve been partnering with for generations.

We’ve built our company on the value of trust. The trust we instill from the beginning to end of the process, touching every aspect of what we do.