United Feather & Down promises a worry-free experience and complete peace of mind that only a company with its unique history can offer. Since its founding in a small village in Poland in 1797, it has built a trusted network of suppliers – a testament to its knowledge, integrity, and more than 200 years of experience.


UF&D has been trading in countries in North America, Europe, and Asia for over six decades and has generations-old strategic partnerships globally. Experience, knowledge, and trust have always formed the backbone of these relationships.


From farm to factory, UF&D works with its partners every step of the way to assure the highest quality materials, processes, and products. We strive to deliver the finest available materials in their best possible form.


UF&D buys all raw materials, and controls testing and processing protocols in working with our partner factories. Our down has been used for generations to create the finest outerwear, bedding, and furniture – and is proudly featured in the finest hotels in the world.


UF&D brings the knowledge and broad based understanding of handling and processing a wide variety of materials, garnered and tested through eight generations of experience.


Unlike working through a broker, your interactions with UF&D are with the company’s principals—descendants of its founders to whom your satisfaction is a personal matter.

“We are, quite simply, the name you can trust – to deliver a superior product born from generations of skill and knowledge.”